GlassCraft Freight Program

Our August 2022 Freight Program provides customers with the ability to calculate their precise delivered cost for most products. This program replaces any previous freight programs. Please be aware that these charges are subject to change without prior notice due to unforeseen fluctuations in fuel and freight expenses.

Packing, Crating and Freight Charges

Our August 2022 Freight Program allows customers to calculate their exact delivered cost on most products. This freight program super- sedes any previous freight program. Please note that these charges may change at any time without prior notice due to unforeseen changes in fuel and freight costs.

GlassCraft will pay freight and crating and pallet costs for orders delivered on LTL Truck for orders of net $2000.

GlassCraft will add the amounts listed below to invoices for orders delivered on LTL Truck for orders of less than $2000.

Orders may be delivered on a GlassCraft company truck with no added freight charges.

Customers may send multiple Purchase Orders to increase their dollar amount total, but they must be faxed or emailed together at one time, and these purchase orders will be combined on one GlassCraft shipment and invoice.

Shipments will be packaged as efficiently as possible and shipped on the carrier of GlassCraft’s choice. If you have specific packaging requirements, please let us know, and we will attempt to accommodate. There may be an extra charge, depending upon your packaging requirements.

Shipments delivered on a GlassCraft Truck may not be boxed or crated.

Will-call shipments or other shipments that are crated and palletized at the direction of the customer will be charged $85 per crate for 1 or 2 slab doors and components (#CRATESD), $120 for each “6-door” crate (holds 3 to 6 slab doors) (#CRATEDR), and $140 per crate for each pre-hung unit (#CRATEPH).




zone state



$225 Louisiana (except Lake Charles) $300 Louisiana (Lake Charles only)

$170 Oklahoma


Arizona (Phoenix only) Arizona (other areas)

$150 Oklahoma (on GlassCraft Truck)


$350 Maine $195 Maryland

$375 Oregon (Portland only) $350 Oregon (other areas)

$375 $400 $325 $350 $225 $375 $215 $245


California (North of Fresno) California (Fresno and south) Colorado (Denver area only) Colorado (except Denver)

$375 Massachusetts

$375 Pennsylvania $275 Rhode Island $325 South Carolina

$340 Michigan $300 Minnesota

$325 Mississippi (on GlassCraft Truck)


South Dakota


$300 Mississippi $300 Missouri $195 Montana $225 Nebraska

$200 Tennessee (Nashville & west) $255 Tennessee (East of Nashville) $300 Texas (on GlassCraft Truck)


Florida (Gainsville & north) Florida (South of Gainesville)


$265 Texas (Uvalde/Abilene & all areas east) $275 Texas (West or North of Uvalde/Abilene)

$150 $195 $325 $375 $275 $375 $400 $300 $ 325 $325


$200 Nevada (Las Vegas only) $325 Nevada (other areas)


$300 Utah

Illinois (North of Bloomington) Illinois (Bloomington and south) Indiana (North of Kokomo) Indiana (Kokomo and south)

$275 New Hampshire $250 New Jersey $285 New Mexico

$375 Vermont $300 Virginia

$250 Washington (Seattle area only) $325 Washington (other areas)

$265 New York


$265 North Carolina $255 North Dakota

$250 West Virginia $325 Wisconsin $295 Wyoming



$250 Ohio (North of Columbus)

Louisiana (on GlassCraft Truck)


Ohio (Columbus and south)


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