Wood Door Finishing, Care & Installation Guidelines

Wood Door Finishing, Care & Installation Guidelines

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How to Measure a Warped Door Panel The terms Bow, Cup and Twist are all terms used to describe a warped door panel. A Bow is a curvature along the door height. A Cup is a curvature across the door width and a Twist is when one corner is distorted out of the plane of the other three corners. To inspect a door for warp, with an 8’-0’’ level or straight-edge measure the concave face of door – diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Measure at the point of maximum distance between the level or straight-edge and the face of the door. The door must be open when taking measurements and should not be measured in relationship to the door frame. GlassCraft Warranty allows for a warp of up to 1 ⁄ 4 ” in any plane of the door for any 6’8” tall door up to 36” wide, and a warp of up to 1 ⁄ 2 ” in any plane of the door for doors taller than 6’8” and up to 8’0” tall and up to 42” wide. Doors wider and/or taller are not covered by a warranty against warping. There are many reasons a door can become warped, such as relative humidity, temperature range, improper handling, stacking and storage. For more information on preventing warping please refer to our finishing, installation, maintenance and warranty information provided by GlassCraft. Door should be open when measuring for warping. A door may not fit into the frame properly but is not warped. In these cases, check the frame installation as the frame may not be set plumb, level and square and the jamb should be in alignment. Action on any claim for warp may be deferred for up to the full period of the warranty to permit doors to acclimate to temperature and humidity conditions.

String or Straight Edge Place a 8' level on Concave side of the door. Then take measurement at the center of the door and level.


Door Level

Door Incorrect way to measure a door

Measure Gap

Incorrect way to measure a door.

Correct way to measure a door for bowing problem. Correct way to measure a door

Measure Gap

Place an 8' level or straight edge on the concave side of the door and take measurement at the widest point between the door and the level.

Concave Face of Door


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