GlassCraft Houdini Instructions


STEP TWO : Alternative Installation - Recessed Bottom Track

1-1/2” For a completely hidden and concealed hardware appearance, mount the Bottom Track INSIDE (and not ON) the bottom edge of the door. This requires routing an edge-to-edge slot in the bottom of, at least, a 1-3/4” thick door. Width of Door Slab (minimum 1-3/4”)

Difference in Height

Door Slab

Bottom Track C

Bottom Wheels I

Bottom Track Directly Attached to the Bottom of the Door Slab

Bottom Track Recessed Inside the Door Slab

VERTICAL LOCATION of the Wall Mount:


To figure out exactly how high the Wall Mount should be installed on the wall, lift the Door Slab up and position as closely as you can to the wall. This step may require two people to perform. See page 14 for further information.

Make sure the Recessed Bottom Track (with Bottom Wheels) and Top Track are attached to the Door Slab before attempting to use to determine the height of where the Wall Mount is to be installed. With the Bottom Track & Wheels recessed inside the Door Slab, once the Door Slab is raised and leaned against the wall, we can easily determine the height where the Wall Mount is to be installed. (Proceed to STEP 3.)


Visual representations are not to scale.

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