GlassCraft Houdini Instructions


MAGIC TIP The weight of the Door Slab is carried by the Wheel Assembly in the Bottom Track. The Wall Mount is only designed to be a guide and to keep the Door Slab in an upright position. The Top Track should not ride on the rollers of the Wall Mount.

For the Partially Open option, your door will need to be at least 8 inches wider than the existing wall opening. (Using a wider door is preferred.) And your door needs to be as tall or taller than the height of the existing doorway opening.


Position Wall Mount at or slightly overlapping the wall opening. Wall opening width + 8” is the minimum door width. Equal to or taller than the wall opening’s height is the minimum door height.

To position Wall Mount properly, place it slightly overlapping the wall opening. For this setup, ensure your door width meets these criteria: Subtract the desired coverage (e.g., 6”) from the opening width 7-3/4”. For instance, with a 40-inch wall opening, your minimum door width should be 41.5 inches. In this case, a standard 42-inch-wide door is recommended.



Wall Mount A


Door is positioned farther away from the edge of the Wall Opening.

Edge of Door


Visual representations are not to scale.

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