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Single or Multipoint Hardware features Cast Bronze or Forged Brass Handle Set & Lock Options

Our BUFFALO FORGE brand lock sets are produced by hand-made processes utilizing molten sand-cast bronze or forged brass, and feature solid construction and precision engineered lock mechanisms. These are large lock sets with long escutcheon trim plates and they give a very heavy and strong, secure feel. Excellent design and style, with several models available for different door designs. This hardware has the look and feel of hardware costing three times the price. All use a standard Y1 Keyway. Two keys are provided. 2-3/8” backset.

All of the lock sets shown on the following two pages are available with standard 2-point models (latch and deadbolt), or with a multipoint deadbolt. All lock sets are available with matching “dummy” lock sets, which are used for double-door installations. These dummy lock sets do not have any internal mechanism, no key hole, and no thumb latch and are mounted on the “inactive” door, with two-point or multipoint lock sets used on the “active” door. See example photo on page 14 of Dummy Set. All lock sets shown may be used for right-hand or left-hand door swings and all hardware necessary is included for either installation including 2 lever latches. Installation into the door slab and jamb is included in the price of all of these standard and multipoint lock sets. All Buffalo Forge entrysets will fit all full-sized doors in this catalog.

casting the escutcheon plate

• Each Buffalo Forge lock set is available in 2 of 4 colors: Dark Bronze or Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel or Antique Nickel.

• Included with these Buffalo Forge lock sets are the lock cylinder, deadbolt, matching screws and face plate(s).

Housing, lock cyl- inder, and 2 keys

Passage latch kit

Deadbolt latch kit

Matching screws

A Top Deadbolt

Buffalo Forge Multipoint Option

An excellent option for all Buffalo Forge handle set models on the next 2 pages is our multipoint deadbolt.

It functions exactly the same as any deadbolt, making this very intuitive and easy to operate. Instead of just 1 deadbolt, we offer this option that provides TWO deadbolts, adding a significant amount of security and strength to your entry door. In addition, this creates a tighter weather-seal, and helps to prevent against door warpage.

B Lower Deadbolt


Bronze or Brass Handle Set with passage bolt

• 18-1/2” spacing between deadbolts

• Face plate is approx 24” long x 5/8” wide

• 1” deadbolt throw

• Stainless steel construction of mechanism

• Bronze cover plate and strike plates

This option will work on any handleset shown on the next two pages. Installation into the door slab and jamb is included in the price.

Door shown above is a 6’8” Craftsman Mahogany 4-Lite, 2-Panel door with Rustic Arch handle and multipoint option.


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