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Single or Multipoint Lock Sets Add Security - Forged Brass Handle Set & Lock Options

These lock sets are produced by the traditional drop-forged process utilizing solid brass, and featuring heavy gauge construction, a precision engineered mechanism, and superior corrosion protection. All use a standard 5 pin SC1 Keyway. Wide bow keys are provided. 2-3/8” backset only. All of the lock sets shown on the next two pages are compatible with the multipoint lock systems shown below. In addition, the Windsor, Savoy, and San Jose are also available as “one-point” traditional lock sets for both 6’8” and 8’0” tall doors. And all lock sets are available as “dummy” lock sets, which are used for double-door installations. These dummy lock sets do not have any internal mechanisms and are mounted on the “inactive” door, with one-point or multipoint lock sets used on the “active” door. The Sapphire multipoint and dummy lock sets are also available with a special “PVD”coating on the handle set and stainless steel for the multipoint mechanism for use in coastal installation applications. These are noted as “Coastal” in the item descriptions. This PVD Physical Vapor Deposition coating is harder, more resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and provides a longer-lasting coating when used in coastal areas.

All lock sets shown may be used for right-hand or left-hand door swings and all hardware necessary is included. Installation into the door slab is included in the pricing of all of these one-point and multipoint lock sets.

Rockwell Multipoint Option Increase security and peace of mind with Rockwell’s multipoint lock option with deadlocking tongues built to work with traditional grip hardware. Choose from any of the multipoint handle set trim options shown on the next 2 pages. This multipoint system is activated with the turning of the deadbolt lock. All 3 locking points are engaged only when the deadbolt point is locked by turning the thumb latch. This multipoint lock set includes an anti-saw and kick-proof center deadbolt for maximum security and a 90-degree consumer friendly locking operation, so you visually know the door is locked when the deadbolt knob is in the horizontal position. In addition, these multipoint assemblies are produced using heavy-gauge steel with a zinc dichromate finish per ATSM-8633 testing standard. Stainless steel models are available for both 6’8” and 8’0” sizes for coastal installation. Multipoint lock systems use our standard flush bolts installed on the passive door of a pre-hung double door, which gives the homeowner the option to include dummy handle sets on the passive door with all multipoint lock sets. Precision-engineered components reduce the need for service calls, providing years of trouble-free service. These multipoint assemblies have been cycle- tested to exceed 300,000 locking cycles. Adjustable strike plates allow for field adjustment during and after installation. The design of these multipoint systems allows for right hand or left hand installation with the same part. GlassCraft provides installation of the 3-point lock mechanism into the door, and installation charges are included in the cost of these lock sets. Installation involves precision machining of the edge of the door slab, which is performed with CNC machines to ensure precision. When ordering for double doors, only 1 multipoint lock set is required. You may choose to include a “dummy” handle set on the inactive door for appearance purposes.

A Top Bolt

B Center


C Solid Brass Handle Set

D Lower Bolt

Door shown above is a 6’8” Arch Lite New Orleans decorative glass and multipoint Windsor lock set. | WoodCraft by GlassCraft |

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