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DURALAST ™ Wood Finishing Advantage

GlassCraft has developed an innovative and environmentally sound factory finish option for your door and complete entryway. DuraLast, our exclusive 10-step finishing system applies beautifully colored wood stains while adding multiple protective layers of crystal clear urethane finish coats to your wood door. Each coat is impregnated with ultraviolet UV-inhibitors and additional moisture blocking technology to keep your door looking beautiful. This system produces a finish to complement the inherent beauty of the Mahogany and Knotty Alder wood species. The DuraLast process involves the deep penetration of tinted solution into the deep layers of each wood cell to prevent water or moisture absorption. The wood door is also processed through a laser-controlled convection-oven cure not just once, but three times to ensure the perfect wood surface curing. GlassCraft Door Company’s finish department is certified by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). The TCEQ‘s mission is to protect human and natural resources consistent with sustainable economic development, with a goal of clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste. GlassCraft’s manufacturing finish facility is inspected and certified by the TCEQ (registration number CN603390188). This is one more way GlassCraft is helping to provide you with information needed to make an environmentally informed purchase.

Traditional Finish Our Traditional finish has been designed to maximize the beautiful rich Mahogany and Knotty Alder wood with a long-lasting 10-step finish process. See page 5 for all Traditional stain colors.

Antique Finish Our Antique finish options feature the deep rich patina that enhances the warmth and antique character of wood, without the additional distressed markings and patterns. See page 6 to see all Antique finish options in Mahogany and Knotty Alder.

Distressed Finish Our Distressed finish provides that special antique patina with distinctive distressed markings and patterns that enhances the aged beauty of wood. This finish is made with a 12-step process that adds a textured surface such as faux indentations, pits, cracks, scores, and wormholes. See page 7 for all Distressed finish options.

Important note: The images of all finish options shown on pages 4-7 and throughout this catalog offer only an indication of the final appearance and due to the natural variations in the texture, grain, and color of wood, the actual appearance will vary. All finishes will require periodic maintenance.


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