GlassCraft Houdini Instructions



Before proceeding with the installation, it’s essential to confirm that the location for the door is suitable for a proper & safe installation . The installation’s uniqueness is contingent upon both the dimensions of the wall opening and the specific door you’ve chosen to pair with the Houdini Hardware TM Kit.

Houdini Hardware TM KITs

Item #BDHH36

Doors up to 36” wide.

Item #BDHH48

Doors over 36” wide and up to 48” wide.

Special Adapters are required specifically for metal barn door installation. Item #BDHHA

III. Make sure the door will be installed on a flat & level hard surface such as hardwood or tiled floors. Since 100% of the door’s weight is on wheels and rolls on the floor, this system is not compatible with most carpet. (A tight- ly-weaved carpet could possibly work.) Check for casing (wood trim) around the wall opening. The casing cannot exceed more than 5/8 inch from the wall. The baseboard & shoe molding should not exceed 1-1/2 inches from the wall . The door can not be properly installed if any of these items are in the way of the door, preventing it from opening and closing.

We recommend selecting a GlassCraft Barn Door for use with our Houdini Hardware TM Kit, as they have been specifically designed with these doors in mind. This ensures a seamless installa- tion without potential complications. Choose one of our many barn doors and associated products from our online catalog.

BarnCraft Sliding Doors Catalog


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