GlassCraft Houdini Instructions


IV. Decide the preferred direction for the door to open—either from RIGHT to LEFT or LEFT to RIGHT . It’s important to consider potential obstructions, such as a light switch, that may dictate the door’s opening direction. Ensure you dou- ble-check measurements on both sides of the wall opening to ensure ample clearance for the door to safely open (r efer to Attach Wall Mount on page 14). Next, determine the range of how much the door will open. The door can Fully Open (the door edge can open to the full width of the wall opening) or the door can and be Partially Open (the open door will cover a portion of the wall open- ing). For further details, refer to Install the Top Track on page 9.)

This door FULLY OPENS , opening from Left-To-Right.

This door PARTIALLY OPENS , opening from Left-To-Right.




A Partially Open door that stops short of being flush from the wall opening allows a person to grab the door to open or close.

A recessed handle can be installed as shown in the image.

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Visual representations are not to scale.

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